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The Hype on Lockdown #019 The Hype on Lockdown #019

Welcome to The Hype on Lockdown. Our fortnightly agency drop has recalibrated to focus on CV-19 activations and initiatives worth checking out from the comfort of your own home. Hang in there, take care of yourselves and others, the live experiences will be back with a bang soon.

In the week that Mr West announcedĀ his 10 year partnership with Gap, the struggling retailer saw an instant 42% rise in their share value. The Yeezy brand raked in an estimated $1.4bn in 2019, suggesting that Yeezy Gap could boost Gap profits by 25%. We predict this will be a seminal brand partnership for both brands as they grow their appeal to Gen-Z’ers who demand affordable style, and further demonstrates the commercial power of influence.

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At The Hype we have had our reservations about the current drive-thru event trend, but this innovative Canadian format seems very smart. The concept of gigs in hotels where guests book a room with a balcony to view and even your own germ-free facilities. Originally designed to keep the live-event economy moving, we think this format makes a lot of sense. If only we could fly to Canada!

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Once in every while a TV ad comes along and breaksĀ rules, smashes boundaries and challenges taboos. If you’ve not seen the film for Bodyform, directed by Golden Globe winning Nisha Ganatra, it’s a must-watch and finally banishes the ‘Ooooh Bodyform’ ads to the vaults of advertising.

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