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The Hype #048 The Hype #048

Welcome to The Hype. Our fortnightly drop of culture from Hyperactive HQ. Bringing you our top selects from the worlds of brand experience, marketing, entertainment and technology.

The drop for the new YEEZY GAP collaboration has succeeded in causing chaos across the States. A fleet of futuristic YEEZY GAP vans and masked people could be located within three US cities distributing items from the latest collection along with black dumpsters situated at 45 GAP stores.

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Heinz turned to AI image generators this week to see what would be produced when prompted with ‘ketchup’ and other ketchup combination phrases. Turns out even the most unbiased source out there knows that when it comes to ketchup, it has to be Heinz.

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Calming images, music and breathing techniques are helping Londoners to de-stress and slow down at the soothing sensory experience, ‘Room to Breathe’, at Tottenham Court Road that has launched right on cue amidst the climate crisis, Russo-Ukrainian war and inflation.

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