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The Hype #061 The Hype #061

Welcome to The Hype. Our fortnightly drop of culture from Hyperactive HQ. Bringing you our top selects from the worlds of brand experience, marketing, entertainment and technology.

Netflix invited consumers into a world of seduction and Japanese Shibari bondage at their pop-up boutique. Guests explored the key themes of their latest show, Obsession, where secrets were the only currency.

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“Greetings to you, the lucky finder of this Golden Ticket…” The words many are hoping to read as they open their Oxfam-exclusive limited edition bar of Tony’s Chocolonely, only this time it’s for Glasto, not a chocolate factory.

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Having never been available before, you can now have the nation’s preferred dip with your chips at all McDonalds shops nationwide after Hellmann’s went public with their new #MayoMcHack.

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