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The Hype #073 The Hype #073

Welcome to The Hype. Our fortnightly drop of culture from Hyperactive HQ. Bringing you our top selects from the worlds of brand experience, marketing, entertainment and technology.

Hyperactive collaborated with our fellow Miroma Group agency, ‘SillyFace,’ to launch the “Don’t Stop Your Future” campaign led by Idris Elba. To vividly illustrate the alarming toll of knife-related incidents on UK communities, we filled Parliament Square with neatly arranged bundles of clothing. Each bundle symbolises a life lost to knife violence.

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As part of the campaign, Idris Elba released a new track to give a voice to those most impacted by knife crime and to use the power of music to raise awareness of the issue. The track ‘Knives Down’ featuring DB Maz calls out the government for their inaction on knife crime, and features a cast of families impacted by tragic events.

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With an initial launch in 2022, No More Red supports the continuous work from Arsenal to help keep young people safe from knife crime and youth violence. 2024 sees the Club and Adidas team up, announcing that the women’s and men’s first-team will wear the all-white No More Red kit, as well as pledging for a number of new initiatives to help turn the tide against the alarming number of fatalities due to knife violence nationally.

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