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This was the Hyperactive response to the pandemic. When COVID19 forced the closure of clubs and festivals, we put our creative, production and entrepreneurial expertise into launching an interactive immersive experience to connect dance music fans during lockdown. 100% designed, built and promoted by Hyperactive. 100% at the heart of culture. 


BBL CLB is a ticketed virtual experience somewhere that is a cross between an escape room and Boiler Room, Secret Cinema meets Bandersnatch. Participants were tasked with locating the elusive Bubble Club, the only venue open during lockdown, by following an interactive film and clues hidden across the internet and social media. Once they located it, live headline DJs live streamed from the BBL CLB DJ booth every night.


5 x sold out shows

16 events

30m OTS

4x Campaign Experience Awards Shortlist

Outstanding Creative Idea. Digital Experience. Virtual Experience B2C. Debut Event.

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