The world's first waterfall powered pub

Carlsberg Build the Danish Way

It’s universally accepted that the Danes brew the best beer but how do the Danes recommend you enjoy it? It’s definitely not squashed into a packed noisy bar. The ideal environment is influenced by their national philosophy of hygge – quality time with the people you love in a comfortable and cosy setting – the antithesis to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Presenting ‘The Carlsberg Cabin’, the world’s first off the grid pub. 100% sustainable, powered by a waterfall, nestled in the depths of the Cornish countryside and influenced by the Danes’ love of the outdoors and design.

Hyperactive commissioned award-winning architects New British Design to conceptualise the innovative structure that sits in the beautiful ‘Kudhva’ hideout in Cornwall. The ambition was to produce the perfect getaway from the super charged, digitally saturated world where visitors are immersed in ‘The Danish Way’ in its purest form with a perfect pint of Carlsberg in a picturesque setting.

The Cabin runs off hydro and solar power making it entirely off grid. The adjacent waterfall has its own unique rig that harnesses the natural kinetic energy, providing sufficient electricity to power the beer tap, fridges and lights. The pub can accommodate up to 6 guests for overnight stays and is available for adventure seekers to book on AirBnB.

The pub was built by a group of strangers with no construction experience as a social experiment, taking them out of their comfort zones, and their journey was as much about the Cabin as it was about friendships.

The 100% carbon neutral structure was designed to connect with the nature surrounding it and to generate its own power from renewable sources. All materials used within the project matched this ethos, from the locally sourced larch timber, to the up-cycled tin roofs, slate from the adjoining quarry, the mattresses and sofas made from recycled denim or the portable foundations crafted from recycled plastic. The structure design was inspired by local Cornish pump houses but with a contemporary Danish twist – the minimal material palette and use of sliding and vertical concertina walls opening the space to connect with the outdoors.

The build was captured for social content which is currently running across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Check out the epic trailer below and the 4 part documentary here: Episode 1   Episode 2   Episode 3  Episode 4

Photography by George Fielding