Pepper the A.I. robot

Eurostar Innovation

The robots are coming.
They’ve just arrived on the 11:52 Eurostar from Paris Gare du Nord.
And they are exceedingly helpful. And bi-lingual.

To further enhance Eurostar’s commitment to excellence in customer services, Hyperactive recently installed Pepper, the first artificial intelligence powered humanoid to be employed by the rail industry. Pepper lives in the departures
lounge at St Pancras International and is programmed to advise (and entertain) passengers as well as offer travel advise before departure. Designed by SoftBank Robotics, the robot can identify key human emotions and respond appropriately. It is also able to answer questions and will pose for selfies. As well as offering information about the terminal and the trains, Pepper can give useful information about destinations, such as live weather reports or where to visit in Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam.