The world's largest UV painting

Guinness World Records Day

A stalwart of the annual events calendar is Guinness World Records Day, a day when some of the most challenging recordsĀ  are set simultaneously around the globe.
This year we collaborated with Guinness World Records to ‘shine a light’ on a topic that an increasing number of young adults face – mental health – with a stunt that would raise awareness of the issue.
In partnership with the charity Young Minds, we set out to create the worlds largest ‘black light’ painting – an image that is invisible to the naked eye, but that comes to life under ultra-violet lights.
The image was designed by UK artist Livi Gosling and Hyperactive helped scale it up to a record breaking 453.22 square meters, with the help of a team of young activists who painted tirelessly for 10 hours using over 80 litres of UV paint.
As the famous Roy Castle famously sung: ‘If you want to be a record breaker, dedication’s what you need’.
Never a truer word, Roy.