Experiential Pop Up

Maynard Bassett’s Sweet Art Gallery

Briefs don’t get sweeter than this. Maynard Bassetts is a fairly new brand, the result of a merger between two British institutions, with literally hundreds of classic candy brands in their repertoire.

Their brief was to re-engage media and consumers with some of their most famous variants and to bring to life the current campaign ‘Tasty Intermissions.’

We worked alongside Golin PR to produce the world’s first Sweet Art Gallery, a pop up in the heart of Soho, where iconic contemporary pieces were re-imagined, and re-created using sweets.

The 4 day pop-up included a media event, and was sold out within hours. Every detail of the gallery was designed through the lens of Instagram and guests needed little encouragement to share sweet art images. Art included ‘Mona Goes Pop’ made from Liquorice Allsorts, a Keith Harring inspired Jelly Babies piece, and the ultimate ‘pick and mix’ that could easily pass as a Damien Hirst. The Gallery was visited by over 1000 guests and 60 media who collectively sampled over 1 tonne of sweets and was featured in Time Out, The Sun and The Metro providing a positive ROI and Hyperactive’s first award shortlist to boot. Sweet.