Influencer Marketing Campaign.

Eurostar Snap x Ali-A x Pokemon

Picture the scene. Its summer 2016. On every corner of every street there are men, women and youth on street corners, parks, public places, trying to throw virtual balls at virtual Japanese characters.

So when Eurostar asked us to encourage 18-25 year olds to visit Paris using SNAP, their new £25 ticket offer, the first guy we called was YouTube don, Ali-A who has notched up over 8m subscribers with his unique hi-octane and witty style of video making.

We send him to Paris on a Pokémon Go adventure, where he talked naturally and confidently about the benefits of Eurostar SNAP and even activated his Twitter following to suggest the best Pokémon hot-spots in the City.

More than 2m organic views and 1m paid views later, and we have some ‘tres bon’ results : a super-low CPV, click through rates smashing benchmarks on both YouTube and Facebook, significant revenue from ticket sales as a direct result of this content, and one of Eurostar’s strongest performing pieces of social content to date.

Check out the teaser below and Ali-A’s full film here