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Cultural Collaborations Cultural Collaborations

Authentic partnerships can enable brands to play a credible role within culture, unlocking audiences and connecting over shared values.

At Hyperactive we invest heavily in maintaining our network of cultural partners from the worlds of music, sport, entertainment, fashion, beauty and art. From talent to management, promoters to iconic institutions, Hyperactive identifies, contracts and activates partnership campaigns, tailoring rights and assets to maximise the potential of each collaboration.

Hybrid Experiences

  • Live streamed events
  • Virtual events
  • Immersive Digital Sampling
  • Interactive Product Launches
  • Online Masterclasses
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Live Experiences

  • Contactless Stunts
  • Drive Thru Experiences
  • Socially Distanced Pop Ups
  • Immersive Events
  • Media & Influencer Experiences
  • Product Launches
  • Retail Activations
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  • Content Strategy
  • Social Campaigns
  • Video Production
  • Augmented & Mixed Reality
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HyperLabs IP

  • Develop IP Formats
  • Create Commercial Franchises
  • Brands & Rights Holders
  • New Revenue Streams
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The Hype The Hype

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