Influencer Marketing Campaign

Eurostar Snap x Jim Chapman

With Brexit making travel to Europe tougher on the wallet, Eurostar briefed us to help them promote their Black Friday special rate. Its all very well offering a super-low fare, but our challenge was to convince a 20-something audience that a trip to Paris won’t break the bank, especially with the festive season approaching.

We collaborated with GQ’s most stylish man of 2016, YouTube sensation, celebrity husband to Tanya Burr, and all round nice-guy (with a hefty social following) – Jim Chapman. Jim set himself a simple mission: the squeeze as much fun and value from Paris in 24 hours, and show the world in an entertaining and witty film.

The content ran on Jim’s channel and was supported with a paid social campaign, with unprecedented success. Over 4m impressions, a reach of 2.5m played its part in the sale of over 10k discounted tickets, generating revenue 15x the cost of running the campaign, and generated incremental sales for non-discounted fares.

The video even out performed the Ali-A Pokemon film, Eurostar’s strongest performing video content, produced by Hyperactive 6 weeks earlier.

Zut Alors.

See Jim’s full epic adventure here or check out the shorter edit below.