Social Content & Influencer Campaign

Eurostar Snap: Paris Day Trips

Eurostar Snap is a discounted ticket platform aimed at 18-24 year olds. To capture their interest on social media we needed to produce brand content that was entertaining and spoke to this audience on their terms.

We partnered with Stuggy Vines, Facebook comedian, and Leslie Wai, YouTube vlogger and music producer to launch the new Day Trip fare on Snap, by creating a song and accompanying music video – something that the guys had done before, to brilliant comedy effect, when they found themselves at a loose end during a trip to Amsterdam.

Fans of Stuggy and Leslie who loved the Amsterdam video were asked to get involved in the Paris project by voting on scenes they wanted to see the guys do – from baguette sword fights, to eating snails – which delivered 116,000 views, 2,428 reactions and 2,288 comments.

The content itself was a tongue-in-cheek earworm: ‘D-D-D-D-D-Daytrip’ has notched up 250k organic views. As a result of the campaign, Snap saw its busiest sales fortnight on record with a stonking 347% increase in users who matched the18-24 year old target. The social content was the main driver of purchase on the Snap platform, and the campaign had a halo effect generating £200k sales on The overall impact on sales was significant with a strong ROI in ticket revenue and many a LOL.